Wedding dresses, making my own this time!

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I've been making wedding dresses for a little over 10 years. Thought I'd share a little about the process of making my own.

I started as many people do, by collecting images on a Pinterest board.  You will see that lace, volume and an undone look feature. A wedding of two designers, we care about aesthetics, but we were not going to have a fussy wedding! It's just not our style.  Craft was banned (late nights glueing or tying ribbons hold no appeal). Twee poems also banned (you know the ones I mean).  Our wedding reception was by the ocean and I wanted the dresses to reflect the location, without being too literal! When I suggested a mermaid look, one bridesmaid asked if she'd have to wear a clamshell bra! That would be an interesting look! Instead, I used silk georgette in seafoam green and dyed the hems with a subtle blue ombre dip.

For my own dress, the elements I wanted to include were; low back, lace and seamlines reminiscent of 1930's glamour, a period I have always loved.  Oh, and silk. That goes without saying.  Many of the dresses I have made for other brides have had a hem that dips lower at the back to make a small train, which is quite elegant. But when it came to making my own dress, I realised I wanted a dress I could move in and not be concerned about a little trail following me around, or a swathe of fabric bundled up at my behind.

So, was it a success? I'd say so, yes.  The dresses fulfilled their role in being comfortable and glamourous all at once.  Mostly, we managed to avoid craft.  And I have a wonderful husband. What more could I want?

To see photos of our wedding day, see the album on Ampersander Facebook page.

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Angela. xx

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