our story

Welcome to the fashion brand previously known as Ampersander...

On graduating from Sydney's Whitehouse Institute of Design, Angela Nash-Blackwell won the highly sought after scholarship to Accademia Italiana, Florence. In 2005 Ampersander was born, through weekend markets and making wedding dresses for friends, and grew to a boutique fashion brand sold in select stores. Ampersander gained accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia, a guarantee that the clothes you wear have been made under fair working conditions.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Blackwell studied fine art at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and went on to be a practicing artist and designer. By coincidence, Jonathan also lived in Florence, Italy, spending a semester at Studio Art Centers International (SACI). Inspired by people around him, Jonathan sought an MBA degree at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Ampersander's Trinity Collection features a textile print based on Jonathan's painting "Trinity Abstract", creating a piece of truly wearable art.
Now based in Lubbock, Texas, Nashwell Studio offers the same individual style (as opposed to fashion trends) and made to measure, Nashwell Bespoke. Although the small size of our company limits options, we choose socially and environmentally ethical options wherever they are available.
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