bespoke bakery


NASHWELL BESPOKE BAKERY offers just what it says. You name a flavor and any dietary needs, the number of people to serve, and leave the rest up to our creativity. Instead of a range of cakes to choose from, we offer you a bespoke cake, custom designed to suit your taste and needs.

What we don't use; artificial colors, corn syrup, wads of thick icing (a little is nice, too much is too much) anything artificially derived or enhanced.

What we use instead; organic free-range eggs, organic wheat flour and a range of other flours, organic sugars, Guittard brand chocolate, Kerrygold brand butter... You could say, the cleanest ingredients available, so you can enjoy a sweet treat without guilt! In moderation of course, because we all need a balanced diet. We eat kale too, at Casa Nashwell.

Feeling hungry yet? Have an event coming up? Contact us here and let us know your favorite flavor.

Bespoke. adjective
(of goods, especially clothing) made to measure.